Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Scrimming with the neighbours!

About 2 weeks ago we had Haunted City Rollers over for a mixed scrim, well it was NRG's turn to go visit the Derby team on Sunday 15th July. We arrived at 9.30am, stretching and yawning whilst climbing out the car the sun was beaming down on us. It looked like a start of a beautiful day for roller-derby :)
As a baby zebra I don't feel inclined to sit out of drills or tactics the team may be practising, only if they needed someone to 'ref' the drills I would then put my hand up to do it. Well the Derby team set out drills such as building a 3 person wall and blocking the jammer, and another exercise was trapping the jammer in a pack of 4 blockers. The jammer's  mission was to escape the 'trap' that the blockers had made, I tried it and failed miserably but then I noticed the blockers were not moving, they were standing still...

A few rules came into my head firstly you cannot execute a block while stationary so the blockers should have been moving - Only players who are stepping and/or skating in the counter-clockwise direction may execute a block. It is illegal to block while at a standstill and while moving in the clockwise direction—this includes positional blocking. 

Another rule was it is legal to block player who are stationary...So the trapped jammer could block the stationary blockers - It is legal to block players who are standing on the track.

After the drills and tactic sessions we moved onto the scrimming, we were low on NSO's so the Head Ref said we are only calling majors and jammer refs are only giving the jam total score not the score accrued on each pass. The scrim started and was going okay, it was a bit ooooh and errrr because we the refs were only calling majors which was hard as I was a jammer ref and if the jammer did not pass the blockers legally on her initial pass I wouldn't call it out. I would simply make the motion 'not lead jammer' with my arms. I was jam reffing for the black tops, unfortunately my jammer cut 2 skaters who were both on track. This meant it was an instant cutting major - 6.11.14 - An in bounds, upright and skating skater who has re-entered the track from out of bounds in front of multiple in-play skaters, which results in her having bettered her position. I called her off the track to go to sin bin (so you would blow a long whistle whilst pointing at the skater, then say colour, say number, say penalty which in this instance was cutting so you would make the signal for cutting then say MAJOR, and then swoop your arm - Repeat if necessary.
Which I had to repeat because the skater didn't hear me, so I shouted louder. I experienced my first angry skater...As she went to the sin bin she was shouting and was really annoyed. But the fact of the matter was I saw the cutting of two skater so in my head I registered a major cut. We carried on with the scrim and then the same skater I had sent to the sin bin earlier was kicking off because the opposite jammer cut her but the other jammer had only cut one skater which meant it was only a minor.
Aside from that the scrim went really well, one of the refs in training has only been doing it for 1 month so he kept asking me questions, which I tried to answer and I was amazed that I could answer them.
I don't know I sometimes feel like I don't know anything and that I'm blagging it all. Every night before bed I'm on my ipod reading posts from the refs group, reading different scenarios, other refs opinions and reading the WFTDA rules and trying to get my head around them. Scary thing is I actually enjoy reading other refs that post their scenarios they encountered in practice...Is this baby zebra slowly getting addicted?

Whistle-Blow Out

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